An impossible romance

Sorry....Because it is my top secret, so I decide to speak it in English, to keep it not so direct to me.

I like him secretly, but I know this is totally impossible. Not only for he is my teacher, but also for he has got married and has a child. I like him when I first saw him, and I could feel strong chemical reaction happened in my body. I like him, for his mature, his deep understanding of human, his perfect personality, and so on. Maybe he has found out something sentimentally, so he treated me a little bit cold during that time. Now after a semester, my feelings calm down a lot, and our relationship became normal, just like others. However, he is still important and special to me. I value the time when I can study with him, though I have only 1 year left. Whenever I think I have to leave him one day, I can feel the sorrow in my heart.

Now is summer holiday, and I miss him everyday. I always recall the scenes he cared me when I was depressed, his warm smile, his eyes which were full of expects, and so on. He is just like father, actually, he is much better than my real father.

What should I do? I know I shouldn't have this kind of feelings, but I can't forget it, either.What should I do with my emotions?